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VVISD Bond Ads & Letters

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For those of you who don't get the newspaper or want a copy of the Ads we are running to send to friends, we will post the ads as we run them below:

Billy Kupper Letter to the Editor on VVISD Bond issue published in the Gainesville Daily Register

Register & Lindsay Letter Ad on What we support, what we don't and ask them to drop the wish list.

Lindsay Letter Ad on Tax Impact of VVISD Bond 10-24-13

What's Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander, Right? Why don't most of the VVISD employees pushing the bond live here and help pay the taxes??

Lindsay Letter Ad 10-17-13, Just the Facts Maam

Letter to the Editor on VVISD Bond Election Do Over

Questions on what is really needed vs. wanted for VVISD and Bond Election

Lindsay Letter Valley View ISD Facts Ad coming out May 9, 2013.

The Fact Ads are based on Actual VVISD Documents.  Some discussion and links to the actual VVISD documents they reference can be found on the VVISD Tax Elections Tab and the VVISD Bond tabs above.

Have you noticed the Ads and Letters supporting the VVISD Bond leave out the cost? Wonder why that is? Because it is huge and will cost $6,800 in new taxes. Lindsay Letter Ad.

The above Ad references that the bond supporters conveniently forget to tell you in their letters and ads how much the Bond will cost you, if passed.  Have you seen any of them mention a $12 Million Bond or $6,800 for a typical $100,000 home?  What about a tax increase of 32 cents per $100 valuation? 
In Josh Brinkley's, (VVISD Board President), Letter to the Editor in the Lindsay Letter dated May 10, 2013, he says "I doubt having a slightly higher tax rate than our immediate neighbor to the south will impact growth."  Does Mr. Brinkley's statement lead anyone to think the VVISD Board which has called three elections to raise the tax rate since 2009 will stop anytime soon?  

Valley View Just the Facts Ad run in the Gainesville Register Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gainesville Register Stop the Bond Ad Friday May 3, 2013

Here are the ads that are in today's Lindsay Letter May 3, 2013.  The $4,537 drop in Median US Income is based on the Dept of Numbers web site, we'll provide a link below. They show the last US Median Household income from the US Census Bureau to be $50,502.  The Social Security Tax Increase in January 2013 was 50%, an additional % of taxable wages, excluding some state and local employees.  2% of $50,502 = $1010.  We rounded to $1,000 for the ad.

Valley View Taxpayers, Can We AFFORD a BIGGGG School Tax Bond?

Can you Afford a Huge Tax Increase of about 30%?

Dept of Numbers Article on drop of US Median Family Income by $4,537 since 2007

Lindsay Letter Ad April 19, 2013 , Q&A on Valley View Bond Election

Lindsay Letter April 26, 2013 Ad, How BiggGG is the Valley View ISD Bond?

Josh Brinkley, VVISD Board President, outbid me three times on just about every item at the Valley View ISD FFA Auction I bid on.  I told him I had a three raise limit so they were all his and I would spend the money on Ads. 
Our thanks to Josh for helping make sure we have sufficient money to run ads and supporting the FFA!

The ad below is the first ad we ran in January 2013 while Valley View ISD was still keeping their upcoming bond election quiet.

Lindsay Letter Ad 1-25-13 Can You Afford a Huge Tax Increase?

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Pol. Ad paid for by, Steve Gaylord, Treasurer