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Ads & Letters Opposing the NCTC Bond

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We will start posting links to Ads here as they are printed in the local newspaper for those who don't get them.

Where is the Business Justification for the NCTC and Valley View ISD Bonds Letter - GDR 11/1/13

The Letter Ad below talks about NCTC's $25.1 Million, how they could spend it on Nursing and the Career Technology Center, a reasonable plan that only raises Out-of-District tuition nursing by 50%, ($1200/yr.), not the tripling suggested in a letter.  It also explains how a local bank could make more than $500,000 a year in the interest rate spread if the NCTC bond passes.

Click to See Letter Ad on NCTC $25.1 Million

The ad below was originally scheduled to run in the Register on Tuesday.  Due to a printing error, it is running Thursday, 10/31/13.

With $25 Million in the Bank, is it fair for NCTC to raise taxes 60%??

The ad below ran on the Obit page (2) in the weekend edition of the Gainesville Daily Register.

NCTC has $25 Million in cash. Why do they need a $14.8 Million Bond??

Below are some of the letters that were recently run opposing the NCTC Bond for November 2013.  We'd like to thank the local newspapers for running letters at no cost to the author, for and against the bonds to help all the voters make the best informed decision.

Gainesville Daily Register Letter Published 10-23-13 by Steve Gaylord on Actions Speak Louder than Words and Follow the Money, (especially when they don't think you are looking).

If you read both letters published by Steve Gaylord in the Weekly News of Cooke County and the Gainesville Daily Register, you may notice the numbers changed a little. The reason is the Weekly letter was written about ten days before it came out.  The author submitted it near the deadline and the Publisher reasonably waited a week to print it.  The Register being a daily paper ran the letter withing two days of it being written.  During the time between them, NCTC posted their month end financials for September 2013.  The Register letter reflects the month end financials for September whereas the Weekly letter reflects the month end financials for August.  Not a big difference but probably worth explaining.  Furthermore the Weekly letter reflected the debt figures in the newspaper printed the week prior to when it was written and two weeks prior to when it was published.  The Weekly News Publisher made an update to the debt figures in the newspaper so the numbers in the letter were less since they reflected debt figures two or more weeks prior from when the letter was published.  We thank the Publisher for keeping them up to date.  Since we strive to be accurate, we felt it important to explain the discrepancies in the numbers in the letters.

The Weekly News of Cooke County letter by Steve Gaylord regarding escalating debt and the impact on families in Cooke County

Stephen Harlow Letter on Bond Issues and how to fix them.

We will soon be running ads regarding the NCTC Bond and will post them here as we near publication for those who may not subscribe to the paper they are published in.  Feel free to pass these around among your friends.  There is no copyright.

Below are some of the ads that were run in the Gainesville Daily Register in 2011.  Due to limited funds and the inability to secure placement of ads on page 1 or 2 in the other newspapers, we only ran ads in the Gainesville Daily Register.  We are posting them here for those who don't subscribe to the Gainesville Daily Register.
Below is the Thank You ad running November 14, 2011

Thank You Ad to Voters on defeating the NCTC Bond

Ad on 27 Cooke County Nursing graduates a year and Lack of Justification for the Bond

Sunday Nov 6, 2011 Letter Ad from Gaylord & Arterbury, reflowed for the web.

NCTC Bar Chart on Tuition and Taxes showing large discrepancy in what is paid between Cooke County and Denton County students

NCTC Bar Chart on Tuition and Taxes showing analysis required by Texas Law each time tuition rates are set by NCTC

Ad on NCTC's failure and unwillingness to build the AG building after the groundbreaking in 2004.

Ad showing the two Denton Campuses were opened for about $10 million. Why does NCTC need $30+ million of debt & tax dollars for a partial upgrade of the Gainesville Campus with less than half the students?

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Pol. Ad paid for by, Steve Gaylord, Treasurer