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Below are links to some of the State of Texas, Texas Education Agency reports and Valley View ISD Audit Reports that we relied on for our ads & Q&As. We will also insert some miscellaneous reports from time to time that we received from VVISD that may be of interest.  These reports are as provided by VVISD with the exception of yellow highlighting and occasional comments in red boxes.

The original Texas Education Agency, (TEA), reports and several we haven't analyzed can be found at
To view a report from the state web site, select the year from that web page, then click on District Report on the left side.  
On the next page, on item #2, click on District Name and then under item #3, type in "Valley View" and click on "Continue".
It may show schools in Cooke and Hidalgo County.  Make sure "Cooke" is highlighted and click "Continue".   
The five most recent audits have been posted on the VVISD web site so we probably won't post them here unless there is a point to be made that we wish to highlight.  We will post some of the older audits that are not on the VVISD web site but we were able to scan.
We are also posting the latest School Tax Rate Report which we got from the Texas Comptroller's Web site:

Click on this link to see the 2011 Cooke County ISD Tax Rates from the Texas Comptroller's web site. 2012 rates don't appear to be available yet. You can see Whitesboro has the highest today. If Valley View adds 32 cents to $1.12, they would pass Whitesboro and have the highest school tax rate in Cooke County, unless Whitesboro ISD passes their latest bond which failed last November.

How does it feel to live in a tax district that has, or is trying to have the highest school tax rate in Cooke County?  You can forget about the remodel of your house or new car you were saving up for.  These school districts really need your money more than you do.  After all we hired them to teach our kids and many of them taught us too so they are used to telling us when we are right and when we are wrong.  We must be mean and selfish if we don't freely give whatever they ask for. 
After all, who is so mean they wouldn't do anything for the kids??  Never mind that those same kids will have to pay the higher taxes in 5, 10 or 15 years or move away because they can't afford the taxes.  we don't need to talk about that....

The 1999-2000 TEA report shows the Local Property Taxes to be $753,000 in the middle of page 6 which we highlighted in the report on this web site to make it easier to find.  No other changes were made to this report. We also reviewed the audit for year ending August 31, 2000 and found a slight difference.  The audit report shows Property Tax revenues to be $765,759.  It may be that the $753,000 is what was assessed or expected to be collected and the $765,759 may be what was actually collected.  This may include delinquent taxes from previous years, penalties, etc.  Not a big difference but we wanted to try to explain why two reports have somewhat different numbers to avoid the look of putting out something that could be perceived as factually incorrect.  The Property Tax revenue can be found on the 25th page of the Audit PDF file which is labeled page 19 at the bottom.

State of Texas 1999-2000 TEA report for Valley View ISD

Valley View ISD Audit Report for year ending August 31, 2000. Property Tax revenues are on PDF page 25, printed page 19 and have been highlighted for easy reference. This may take a little while to download and open.

The 2000-2001 report shows the Total Students to be 662 on page 4 and the total teachers to be 55.8 which may reflect someone working a partial year.  We highlighted these in the report on this web site to make it easier to find.  No other changes were made to this report and you can always view the original at the state web site.

State of Texas 2000-2001 TEA report for Valley View ISD

The 2011 - 2012 report, page 2, shows Total Students to be 673 for a growth of 11 students in the last 11 years.
Page 3 shows the Total Teachers to be 55.5, a fractional decrease over 11 years.
Page 4 shows the Local (Property) Tax to be $2,498,890 more than triple the $753,000 in 1999-2000.
We've added some yellow highlights and comment boxes to make it easier for you to find these in a somewhat lengthy and busy report.

State of Texas 2011-2012 TEA report for Valley View ISD

Below is a link to an enrollment report we received from the District for years 2006-2007 through 2012-2013.  You will see a couple blank boxes at the top that reflect those months were left blank because the report was generated before those were available.

A couple things to note is the District enrollment usually varies plus or minus about 20 students from a midpoint of 655, or between 635 and 675 total students.  When it has gone above 675, it appears the number of transfer students has also risen.  Transfer students are students who live outside the Valley View ISD Taxing District but their parents want them to attend VVISD for a variety of reasons.  Since they come from homes outside the district, their parents most likely pay no property taxes to support the district.  Valley View ISD does not have accept these students.  It is my understanding that the district charges no additional tuition or fees for these students but does get additional state funding based on Weighted Average Daily Attendance. When the Board and Administration wanted to keep VVISD a 1A district for sports competition, I heard, (not verified), that they were less likely to take high school transfers as they wanted to stay below the enrollment level that would cause them to move to 2A.

I think the net from this report and others is that while student enrollment may have increased a little recently, it is not significant compared to enrollment within the past 6-12 years and hardly justifies 16 or more additional classrooms.  We have already added 12 new classrooms in the newer Middle School building built around 2002.  We are scheduled to keep paying on that bond through 2027 if I read the audit reports correctly.

Click to see Valley View ISD provided Report on Enrollment & Transfers from 2006-2013.

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